TTI Certified Trainers

Certified Professional Emotional Quotient Analyst (CPEQA)
Certified Professional Driving Forces Analyst (CPDFA)
Certified Professional Emotional Quotient Analyst (CPEQA)

Tich and Princisca the founders of Success Paradigms 101 are both certified and accredited TTI,  Science of Self™ Trainers.

This accreditation certified them to the following designations;

As accredited facilitators of these great tools they can help you take your personal life or business to the next level simply by taking you and your team through assessments, training, and debriefing that has been used for over 40 years to train some of the leading businesses in the world like Barcelona and Apple. Now you can get the same from within South Africa. The tools will also work for the Pastor seeking to take his church to a new level of effectiveness in fulfilling the vision, the coach wanting to be more effective in his coaching, the parent who wants to raise their family more effectively. Or perhaps you are about to get married and desire to understand yourself better and your spouse to be, or you are already married, or you want greater family synergy, there is no limit to what you can do with these resources in developing yourself and others around you for a more successful, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

The Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” or “gnothi seauton” still stands true today. The better you know yourself the better you can deal with others and get yourself to that place of self actualization. So don’t hesitate get in touch with us and we will help you “take the leap” to your new self. Watch the video clip to know more about this great tool.