Coaching Menu

We offer a wide variety of coaching tools that are designed to help you achieve your set goals. Just like in a restaurant you can create your own unique meal be playing around with the ingredients. All our products can be built for an individual or a team or a whole conference. We are here to help you make it happen. See below some of the products we have developed.

  • Success Paradigms 101
  • Target training International (Success Insights Assessments and Coaching)
  • Bdellium School of Business Coaching
  • Starting/birthing a business Coaching
  • Apostolic Business In The Marketplace Coaching
  • Developing a personal business strategy Coaching
  • Build your team Coaching
  • Billionaires Connect Coaching
  • Married and Loving It Coaching
  • The Judaeo Abrahamic Wealth Factor Coaching
  • The Transformational Church Coaching
  • = To 1000 Coaching
  • The Nehemiah Factor Coaching (Church Leadership That Transforms Nations)
  • Personal Finance Coaching (getting your finances in order by setting a vision for financial freedom. Creating a balance sheet, reading an income statement, preparing a financial plan living in prosperity)

Each of these is loaded with powerful principles that we have tried and tested over the years and have seen amazing results. We use the power of process to get maximum results as opposed to just and event. Events are only effective if they are part of an ongoing process, so don’t think we are offering overnight success or instant wealth, far from it we are offering you an opportunity to begin your greatest journey ever, a journey that will birth a bigger, better, stronger, richer, and more successful you. If the information provided here does not answer your questions please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with more information to help you make a better-informed decision.

Session Information

Each session is one hour long the price will include the workbook and sit in sessions and the initial electronic assessment and electronic report that will be generated.

We can include monthly payments spread across the duration of the coaching. This will include some big discounts for our live seminars and conferences. And free advice telephonically. You will also get radical discounts on books and materials from Success Paradigms 101, plus getting to know what is coming ahead of everybody else.

Coaching Price List

Individuals, couple or business partners per one-hour session

  • One session R2250.00
  • Two Sessions R2430.00
  • Three sessions R2950.00
  • Five sessions R3450.00
  • Twelve sessions R5000.00