Tich Tanyanyiwa Ministries


Tich Tanyanyiwa is an amazing Thought Leader for our generation who has been called into the office of a Prophet. He and his wife Princisca have planted 14 churches around Africa and founded Prevailing Word Ministries International in December 2011 in Johannesburg South Africa where their Head Quarters is based. Tich Tanyanyiwa has a very simple vision that guides his life that is

He has a passion to see Africa empowered through Kingdom based education and development, which he believes to be the key to lasting transformation. Tich Tanyanyiwa is a published author who has written a number of books addressing some key topics that affect the lives of people. His passion has led him to open a publishing house that has published many great voices in Africa.

Out of his Publishing house he has also established Africa Must Read a platform for authors to sell their books and give Africa easy access to good reading material. He is a sought after speaker on finances, transformational leadership, and marriage.

He is also an outstanding entrepreneur who is a business consultant and coach. His strong belief that the Kingdom of God and the Marketplace cannot be separated has led him to use his outstanding wisdom to penetrate the different spheres of society and become a voice of transformation. A John the Baptist so to speak who is calling the church to take her rightful place in being a change agent.

Tich Tanyanyiwa Ministries seeks to give the Body Of Christ greater access to this ministry through itinerant ministry engagements. We also desire to ensure that the materials that have been created are available to you with the greatest ease. So feel free to contact us on the given details and we will make an effort to get back to you ASAP.

Pastor Tich Tanyanyiwa
Senior Pastor
Prevailing Word Ministries International