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I have always had a passion to see people succeed in life and that is probably the reason I took to Pastoring, besides God calling me to this assignment. It is this passion that began to move me to do more than just preaching great sermons but to become a success coach and equipper of people. I enjoy walking with someone and helping him or her “discover themselves” and walk into their Destiny. It is this backdrop that birthed Success Paradigms 101. You might say why this name? Well I discovered that the quality of life that is lived by a person could be measured against the quality of their thoughts. The Bible says, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he” therefore if I am to change your life I must change your thinking. Make no mistake I am not talking mind science here I am talking pure Bible. God makes it very clear that our ability to succeed is totally up to us not Him, it is the quality of our thoughts that determine the quality of our lives. He has given us all the wisdom, knowledge, resources and information we need in order to succeed. This means that failure is a choice but guess what success is also a choice. Make a decision today that you are a success.

This website is loaded with resources that are designed to help you achieve just that. Enjoy your search and we know you will find something of value. Our team of well-qualified professionals and well equipped to help you, each one is successful in their own sphere, and after all we are a success company.

Our values are very PRECISE

People, Relationships, Excellence, Integrity, Simplicity and Empowerment

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“Helping you to make IT happen”

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I have read “success paradigm 101 even you can succeed.” The book has made a shift my mind that has helped me see that I can be successful and that obstacles can be overcome if one has a clear vision.

Themba Chauke

About Tich Tanyanyiwa

Pastor Tich Tanyanyiwa is a prolific minister of the Word of faith with a vision for community transformation, missions, church planting and leadership development. His passion for community transformation through the teaching of the Word of faith has led him to plant dynamic, growing churches in South Africa and he has a vision to see church plants all over Africa.

Pastor Tich ministers in international conferences and seminars as an author and leadership consultant. He has written a number of books and published three books; Amongst The Giant Killers, Married and Loving IT – a book co-authored with his wife Pastor Princisca and Success Paradigms 101– a book named after the company he founded. This is a success-coaching company focusing on motivational teaching, leadership development in schools, colleges and universities and most importantly marriage and life coaching. Pastor Tich is a powerful Business and Life Coach who is a certified TTI (Target Training International) coach and he has helped birth many businesses such as the Bdellium School of Business, another one of his initiatives that empowers Marketplace Apostles to take marketplace territory. He also owns a publishing house, Faithland Publishers; just to mention a few. He is happily married to Princisca and they are blessed with three children.

Pastor Tich is the Senior Pastor and Executive Chairman of Prevailing Word Ministries International.

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