Sex, Focus and Wealth

Sex, focus and Wealth

Scientists have been able to prove that a great sex life gives a great sense of peace and confidence in the hearts of a person. It is therefore necessary for us to explore this idea a little bit in this block. To discover how we can make use of all take advantage of the principles that science is now proving to be a fact. The battle has always alluded to the fact that God designed sex with the intent of improving people’s lives

Satan took a legitimate tool that was designed to make a life beautiful and perverted it to cause pain and suffering. I just want to share quickly a principle that I believe will help you improve your life your marriage and your finances. Couples that have a poor sex life tends to be more stressed and more discouraged in life and their confidence factor is often very low. A great sex life has the ability to increase improve the confidence quotient all confidence factor in a persons life.

Let me speak specifically for males seeing that I am a male myself. Our sexuality was designed by God to be intricately connected to our psychological well-being, our peace our joy our happiness is connected to our sexuality, meaning men that have a poor sex life have a low confidence factor they tend to be edgy, grumpy, frustrated and often difficult to get along with.

As the saying goes “A hungry man is an angry man”, unfortunately when ladies were told there is the thought of food so often man a given piles of food and very little sex and the frustration still continues in the marriage relationship. What the ladies needed to be taught was it is true that when the man is hungry he will be grumpy but we need to find out what area of satisfaction is he focusing on. If his stomach is full and the sex life is empty this will still breed the same frustration as an empty stomach. In fact most men can handle an empty stomach if the Sex life is at optimum, it’s just that they need energy for sex. So it’s not about the food it’s about the result.

Anyway let me get to the point. When a man has a frustrated sex life his mind will be focused on the area of lack and the distraction causes him to be unproductive in ideas and wealth creation. Sex starved men lack confidence as they are trying to figure out why their wives don’t think they are great.

His mind gets focused on…

  1. Am I complete as a man? Is there anything missing?
  2. Is there another man that she thinks is better than me?
  3. Maybe she is not happy with my performance
  4. Maybe I made a mistake
  5. Can I ever make her happy?

The list is endless. The challenge with these question is that they a confidence breakers. And when his life is full of confidence breaker he will not perform well in every other area of life. High performance in any area of life requires confidence and more then 90% of humans lack confidence.

Focus is broken from how to create wealth and establish a family legacy to how to win the heart of the person I married. As a coach I have come to realize that sex and wealth are related. People that are in financial distress often have poor sex lives.

The opposite of this obviously is doing the word of God. When we as couples develop healthy sexuality it will result in increase. You will have a clear vision, working strategies, ideas that translate to creating wealth. They say men think of sex hundreds of times a day (the only research ever done showed that men and women were close). Personally I discovered that sexual awareness was heightened during periods of scarcity. The mind constantly wonders of to the area causing great pain. During the periods of abundance the mind focuses on other key areas of life.

So a great sex life brings focus on how to increase the sexual experiences by getting a bigger house, better holidays, better cloths etc. meaning the ability to create wealth increases to the proportion of sexual satisfaction. What is the real science behind this theory? His brain has a part called the “pleasure Centre” which releases a hormone called Dopamine; the official name is the nucleus accumbens. The word dope is taken from this name dopamine, because drugs had the ability to create pleasurable experiences that were registered in the pleasure center of the brain.

This can be released during any pleasurable experience like eating, gyming playing sport, or making love. When the brain registers something as pleasurable it then says how can we have that experience again? The brain begins to be creative in creating an environment that allows it to enjoy that experience again. We become most creative in that which gives us the greatest pleasure.

So when the sex life is good then the brain says what made that happen? If it was the restaurant with a great ambience and great food and music, which was followed by an amazing bedroom, encounter then the brain will seek to recreate this so we can repeat the experience.

When the sex life is poor and there is no or little registration of pleasurable experiences then the brain goes into stress mode and says “something is missing and we have to find out what it is” then negative hormones are produced and heaviness of heart comes then pain, anger, bitterness and and and.

To focus the brain minimize the distractions and you will be amazed at your man can achieve. Become his cheer leader and bring out the confident giant killer in him and you will see your standard of living getting better and better.

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