Go BIG in 2018

Think Big Win Big in 2018

Have a look at an article I wrote the other year and see how relevant this word has been.

Set Your Heart on Victory

As we cross over into a new season I want to encourage you to set your mind and heart on the WORD of God. The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church that Jesus is building which is founded on the Revelation of the Rock Christ Jesus and is focused on doing the WORD. The gates of Hell prevail against religious people, against those that are offended, that are not living in the WORD, that are not prayerful, that are not planted in a good WORD based family and I could go on and on. The purpose of this article is to help you to overcome in 2016 and beyond.

Acts 19:20 So mightily grew the WORD of God and prevailed. Wow that means there was opposition to the WORD of God but it prevailed in the lives of the believers as they heard the WORD and believed and acted in line with it. There will always be opposition to your mission that is why satan is called the adversary which means one who is arrayed against you. Satan has a plan to stand against you and to steal kill and destroy you in fact Peter says satan goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, whom resist steadfast in the faith. In other words we are to take a stand against satans onslaughts by standing on the WORD and applying the WORD of God in every situation and the WORD is guaranteed to PREVAIL. Glory to God forever.

Lets quickly look at a man I admire greatly and I believe you will be encouraged. When Joshua was about to enter into a new season in his life God prepared him by giving him words to set his mind on that would give him victory. In Exodus 17 we find Israel going into war with Amalek a nation that God considered very evil and wanted to totally erase its memory from the face of the earth. Moses instructs Joshua to put together an army and go and fight Amalek. Moses goes up the mountain to view the battle from a vantage point (spiritual position) As long as Moses’ hands were lifted Israel prevailed but when Moses’ hands were heavy Amalek prevailed. The hands and the rod of Moses represented the faith of the nation that had seen the miraculous power of God demonstrated against Egypt and now they were faced with another enemy, as long as our faith is lifted up we will prevail but when our faith drops the enemy will prevail.

Is this not so accurate with what happens in our lives? When our faith drops we begin to see things fall apart in our lives until an Aaron and a Hur come and stand with us and place on the rock (Christ Jesus) and hold up our hands until the battle is won. Joshua steps into a new level of faith and stops the sun and the moon something that has never been done before. He weakens Amalek and wins a victory for Israel in spite of the fact that this is his first time working with his army that he has created from slaves. You are going to win extraordinary victories in this season because your faith has been lifted to another level. Who is your Aaron and Hur? Who is standing with you and causing your faith to go higher.

Anyway lets leave that part alone as we could speak much on it and lets jump to my point. God said to Moses in verse 14 “Write this as a remembrance in THE book and recite it in the ears of Joshua…” God understood that Joshua had an assignment that was bigger than his natural ability and he needed to have a faith level that was very high in order to fulfil his assignment so he instructs Moses to write this account in THE BOOK and that the account of this miracle and the writings in THE BOOK were to be recited in the ears of Joshua. Wow this is really powerful. What is being recited in your ears? What are you listening to on a regular basis? Whose voice are you hearing? There is competition for attention in this world satan is working hard to make you hear his voice more consistently than you hear the WORD of God because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the WORD of God. The news, the papers, the magazines, social media etc. are all fighting for your attention.

Joshua 1:8 God says to Joshua “This BOOK” which book the book that God had inspired Moses to write in the wilderness journeys which included the history of mankind from Genesis to Deuteronomy including Israel’s battle against Amalek. God was saying to Joshua the task ahead is great and beyond you but I am with you as I was with Moses so on that basis you can be strong and very courageous because I will give you the victory. Your faith gave you victory over the Amalekites even though they were mightier than you, you even stopped the sun and moon so in the same way you will take over this land and divide it for an inheritance to my people. Just make sure you are meditating on the WORDS in THE BOOK let them fill your mouth, eyes and heart that way your faith will always be high enough to overcome every enemy.

My son give attention to my WORDs incline your ears to my SAYINGS let them not depart from your mouth for they are life to those that find them and health to all their flesh. This is your season to accomplish great things God wants to give you victory after victory, success after success all you have to do is set your heart on the WORD of God let the WORD be rehearsed in your ears everyday.

In closing let’s go back to Exodus 17:15 And Moses built an altar and called its name Hashem (The Lord) is my miracle. You are building an altar in 2016 called the LORD is my miracle. You are breaking out and breaking forth into all that He has prepared for you. Let the WORD of Christ dwell in you richly and all wisdom and spiritual understanding and keep speaking to yourself in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs making melody in your heart to the Lord. There shall nothing be impossible unto thee.

God bless you and thank you for reading my articles in the past year we have had more traffic this past year than in the last four years combined and there have been so many testimonies from people getting healed, getting jobs, starting businesses, getting married, coming out of debt, buying houses and marriages restored. We have witnessed many amazing miracles and like Moses we build an altar and call The Lord is my miracle.

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  • Sabelo Mlotshwa

    Mmhhh powerful staff man of God, I would like to here more about going big. Because these days , I am meditating on that revelation.

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