Double The Sex, Keep Fit

Double The Sex, Keep Fit

God is His grace and mercy gave humanity a great gift called sex. Not only is it useful to procreate which is awesome as the father of three beautiful kids you know I have not been lazy myself. But there is more to sex than just kids. We run an organization called Married and Loving It and my wife and I published a book that you can get online as a free gift, the book is called by the same title. We have distributed this book more than all our other books. This taught me that many people are looking for answers to their marriages. Well here is a little lesson from the book in a chapter called “The Greatest Sex-life Ever” it’s an amazing read indeed, in fact, our seminars are always full so watch out for the next one. You can download your free Christmas gift from my wife and I at anyway let’s get to the lesson.

God in His infinite wisdom knew that He had to make sex or lovemaking a multifaceted process that fully engaged people in connecting sexually. Obviously, this is between husband and wife, not just casual flings.

Honor marriage, and guard the sacredness of sexual intimacy between wife and husband. God draws a firm line against casual and illicit sex. Hebrews 13:1-4 MSG

I love this scripture because it helps me know that God is the mastermind behind the brilliant concept of sex. Not only did He design our genitalia He also gave us the feelings and emotions that go along with sexual intercourse. I must say the first time I made love to my wife after we got married. I wanted to fall on my knees and repent because I could not understand why such an awesome experience was not a sin. After a few weeks, I settled it in my mind that it was perfectly in order to fully enjoy making love with my wife. This sent me on a journey to really understand what sex was and how it worked. This research brought a third component of why sex was an important part of human existence.

Now before you write me off as a crazy blogger take a minute to really check whether you have actually done a thorough research to fully understand sexual intercourse. Based on the questions we are asked in our seminars and retreats I can safely say over 80% of the people we deal with have not done proper research to understand sexuality from
a God perspective. I am not talking about exposure to porn of filthy books and movies, I am referring to reading good scientifically researched books and bible based material.

In this article, I want to encourage you to increase your lovemaking as a way to living healthy and enjoying your marriage. God designed marriage to be the most beautiful human relation possible. Husbands and wives can connect and bond at levels not possible under any other platform. So what is the big thing about sex? I want to focus on one of the ten amazing reasons why couples should make love more. How many of the team do you know?

Sex is good for your health

Many doctors and pharmacists may not be happy with this article unless they are part of the rare breed of medical practitioners. This kind of teaching will reduce your medical bills and increase your points with your medical aid. The Centre for healthy living is based on your lifestyle. What you eat, how you exercise, your sleep and resting patterns, and how your emotions operate. And guess what God designed sex to regulate all of these. The best lifestyle choice you can make is to build a great marriage and have lots of sex. 

This article is too short for me to be able to put all the facts to build a solid case so I have spread the lesson into five articles that I will post daily so watch out for the rest of the case. You will live long upon the earth if you have a strong marriage that is filled with great sex. Recently doctors have begun to catch up with the truth in the Bible about sex and it benefits. You can get rid of high blood pressure and heart disease and cancer and stroke (the list is endless) simply by building a strong marriage and having a great Sex life. Unfortunately, many people are not interested in following God’s pattern so they have to suffer the consequences of disease and many other complications. Gods wisdom is beyond fathoming so the best thing to do is obey Him. So to obey the Lord we must have an instruction, what has He said about sex.

God blessed them: “Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge! Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air, for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth.”” Genesis 1:28 MSG

The very first instruction that man was given addressed his sexuality and ability to reproduce. The only way to be fruitful and to multiply meant there was to be some sex happening and this is God’s plan as He has not changed His mind. Also, notice that the scripture says He made them male and female. Now think through that scripture again. Male and female is referring to their sexuality. God took time and applied thought to make human sexuality. He designed the shape and structure, he added the pleasure factor and in it, God added the great mystery of a great sex life in the full function of the brain.

A great sex life between husband and wife will unlock amazing vistas of wealth, success, and health in every whether is physical, mental, spiritual, and social health. So watch out for the

next article as we explore why you need to up your sex life. More sex more life longer life happier life.

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