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This web site is designed to help you slow down so you can go faster. By taking time to develop yourself you will be able to do more with less.

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TTI Certified Trainers

Tich and Princisca the founders of Success Paradigms 101 are both certified and accredited TTI , Science of Self™ Trainers.

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Community transformation

We have community projects running in underprivileged communities that you can be a part of.

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what we do for you

“Equipping people with success tools so that we can impact generations”

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We all need help to walk in the greatness that is inherent in our lives. Let us coach you and consult with you and walk the journey with you. You don’t have to go alone.

Hello and welcome to Success Paradigms 101, thank you for visiting our empowerment center, we believe we can help you make it happen. What is “It”? Hey that’s a good question “It” can be anything from running a successful business project to running a family well, from birthing an idea to winning an award for your achievements. Your success is our “passion” and we have invested time in putting together some of the most effective, excellent and affordable resources that will help you realize your desire for success.

We believe that life is governed by principles and when we learn and apply those principles we set ourselves at an advantage and we are better positioned to win. So do feel free to look around this site and see what we have to offer. Enjoy your journey.

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